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Useful Contacts


The Leigh Hackspace directors can be contacted either on Slack in #general, or via email at

Area Specific Contacts

While our directors can address most questions concerning the use of the space and its resources, certain members in our community possess specialized knowledge that may be particularly helpful. Here is a list of members for each area who may be able to help:

  • Artist Pods - Directors
  • Pi Room - Directors
  • Classroom - Directors
  • Main Space - Directors
  • Social Space - Directors
  • Garden / Hydroponics - John Williams
  • Electronics - Kian Ryan, Andy Woodward
  • Fabrication - Kian Ryan, Andy Woodward
  • Workshop - Ian Harter, Andrew Williams
  • Dark Room - Katie Dixon, Cat Ryan
  • Crafts Space - Cat Ryan

Tech Infrastructure

If you have any issues with the WiFi, network, or a hosted service, contact one of the Infra team on #infra on Slack or via PM.

  • Paul Williams
  • Andrew Williams

Anything Else

If you've got a question about something not covered here, then just ask in Slack in #general or email and someone should be able to guide you in the right direction.