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The dashboard is a AIO (all-in-one) PC that shows interesting stuff about the hackspace, either the current status, flyers for upcoming events or just fun bits of information.


The system is a

  • Intel Atom J1900
  • 8GB RAM
  • 32GB eMMC
  • RTL WiFi card


Currently it has Ubuntu 22, and has a very bare bones configuration, making use of snaps for the display framework.

Ubuntu Frame

Ubuntu Frame is a snap package that provide a Wayland environment for other snaps and applications.

# snap install ubuntu-frame
# snap install ubuntu-frame-vnc

Display configuration

As we have the display rotated 90 degrees it requires a small tweak to the config of Ubuntu Frame.

WPE Webkit Mir Kiosk

A snap that bundles together a simline Webkit browser with some very basic configuration options. All it needs is connection to a Wayland environment and the URL to load.

# snap install wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk
# snap connect wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk ubuntu-frame:wayland
# snap connect wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk:system-observe
# snap set wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk url=http://localhost:9400/receiver


Management interface

# snap install dashkiosk