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Network Switches

Logging In

For switch1, check the password manager.

For all managed switches you can login using your account if you're in the 'Infra' group. This will give you write permissions to the switch. This uses RADIUS to Authentik behind the scenes.

HP Switches

All managed switches in the space are HP Procurve switches. They're now supported under the 'Aruba' brand as 'HPE/Aruba' switches.

Switch 1 and 2 are 2510-48G, and Switch 3 is a 2824.

While the 2824 is the older switch it offers L3-lite capabilities, that we don't use. The others are just standard L2 managed switches with the usual bells and whistles. Both switches have the standard HP CLI for any configuration changes, while they do have differences the base features will be the same.

Enabling a port untagged on a VLAN

  • Login to the switch via telnet, using your account.
  • Run conf
  • Switch to the VLAN context needed with vlan 225
  • Type untagged 25 representing the port number, ranges can be specified e.g. 25-30
  • exit, exit, wr mem

Enabling a trunk port on multiple VLANs

  • Same as a untagged port, switch to each VLAN and use tagged <portid> rather than untagged