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We have 1 CNC available for all members to use after training.

The CNC has an attached Raspberry Pi console, and we ask that you transfer your files locally to CNC-1 before use.

You are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of CNCs.
Do not leave CNCs unattended. CNCs are easy to damage through improper use. If you are in doubt about the operation of CNCs, please ask, and someone will be happy to help.


There's a number of repeatable steps to cutting on our CNCs.
It's also a bit more complicated.
When we work it out, we'll let you know...


CNC-1 - Shapeoko Pro

  • The Shapeoko Pro has been tested cutting wood and aluminium.
  • Our Shapeoko Pro is fitted with a Makita router.
  • We have a range of endmills available. Please ask.

  • The attached Raspberry Pi and touchscreen is running Carbide Motion.

  • Software is available on CNC-1 for preparing suitable GCode files.