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Useful Information

Here is some useful bits if you're in the hackspace/mill alone.

The Mill

Access into the Mill

The mill doors have a keypad for unlocking, generally this will be held open during normal business hours, but if you need access while closed then ask on the 'Hackspace Logistics' WhatsApp group.

Signing In

The mill has a sign-in sheet on the ground floor of the lift, if you're coming into the hackspace on your own or outside our normal hours you are required to sign in.

Mill Lights

On the third floor the main corridor is enclosed and without windows, so you're dependant on the lights to see. At night the lights in the corridor are switched off with the switch in the 'greenhouse room' from the lifts.

The Hackspace

Power / Electrics

We have two breakers in the hackspace, one in the main space and one in the workshop. From time to time our power does trip and will need resettings. If the power does trip, or you need a specific question about the electrics answering, then contact either the Directors or ask on the 'Hackspace Logistics' WhatsApp group.


We do have plumbed in water at the back of the craft space.