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We have 1 laser engraver/cutter available for all members to use after training.

The laser engraver is networked, and we ask that you use the linked LaserWeb server when running your files.

You are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of lasers.
Do not leave lasers unattended. Do not operate lasers without the safety cover in place. If you are in doubt about the operation of lasers, please ask, and someone will be happy to help.


There's a number of repeatable steps to engraving/cutting on our lasers.
We're hoping that everyone can follow them and have a consistent experience.

  • You will need a SVG or PNG/JPG to upload to cut/engrave.
  • Open LaserWeb for the Laser.
  • Turn on the laser cutter.
  • Drag your image in to LaserWeb, resize and place in the bottom left of the laser bed.
  • Set tool paths for the parts of your image. See the settings for the laser.
  • Connect to the laser, clear any errors, and nudge the printer to the bottom left corner. Take care to not hit the frame.
  • When you are over the bottom left corner, set 0,0.
  • Nudge the head far enough away to place your work piece.
  • Important close the laser shield.
  • Start the laser. Do not open until the work is complete. If a problem occurs, cancel in LaserWeb.
  • Nudge the head to allow you to remove your piece.

Laser-1 - Laser Engraver

Laser-1 is a custom laser engraver with a low powered laser capable of engraving in wood and plastics, leather and cutting paper and card.

Laser-1 will cut from vector and bitmap graphics using LaserWeb

  • Laser-1 has no automatic home and must be manually homed before every use.
  • Laser-1 must have it's safety cover in place before the laser is turned on.

Common Tested Material Speeds

Material Effect Power Speed
Plywood Engrave 100% 500mm/s