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Tool List

This is a list of tools available in the workshop, it may not be a exhaustive or up to date list, so please check the last updated date at the bottom of this page.

Hand Tools

  • Screw drivers, bits of various types and sizes
  • Chisels for general use
  • Craft knives
  • Wood and metal saws
  • Hammers, Mallets
  • Various squares, spirit levels, and mitre gauges

General Consumables

We try to keep a stock of the following consumables, but it may vary over time.

  • Wood glue, general PVA, Super glue / Cyanoacrylate, Epoxy, craft glue
  • WD40, GT85, Machine Wax and other cleaning substances
  • Sandpaper of various grit and type


This may not be a complete list, please check the item and wear the correct PPE before testing an item.

Name / ID Type Make Model Status Notes Consumables
16" Bandsaw Record Power BS400 Unknown Manual * 133"/3378mm Bandsaw Blades
* SRSBS10-72 Table Inserts
8" Compound Mitre Saw Evolution FURY3B210Z Missing Manual May of been on loan to the Hackspace
8" Mitre Saw Evolution RAGE 3S Working Manual.
Belt & Disc Sander Clarke CS4-6E Working Manual
Benchtop Bandsaw Black & Decker BD339 Working * 1510mm Bandsaw Blade
Benchtop Drill Press Clarke CDP-202B Working Manual
Benchtop Drill Press Clarke CDP5RB Working Manual
Benchtop Drill Press Delta 11-950 Working Manual
Benchtop Drill Press Performance NLE250DP Working Metal clamp attached
Cyclone Dust Extractor Homemade Unknown
Desktop Table Saw Unknown .
Metal Bandsaw Elektra Beckum BAS 315 Unknown Manual
Pillar Drill Press Record Power DP58P Working Manual
Planer Record Power PT260 Unknown Manual
Radial Arm Saw DeWalt DW720 Unknown Manual
Scroll Saw Proxxon 28092 DSH Working Manual
Scroll Saw Rexon VS40003A Working Manual
Standing Dust Extractor Record Power CX2000 Unknown Manual
Standing Table Saw Jet JTS-10 Working Manual
Wood Lathe Tyme Machines The Cub Working


All PPE is available near the door to the workshop.

Type Make Model Count Notes
Ear Defenders 5+
Gloves 5+
Face Masks 5+
Ear Plugs 5+