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Hosting Events

The social space is a great place to host small user groups and events, with plenty of seating, desks, and a small food/drink service area.

Before the Event

First Steps

  • Identify a date and time you wish to host the event.
  • Discuss with the directors if the social space is available at the time requested.

For events not operated by the hackspace or its members, we'll ask for a small donation.

Event Requirements

If you need anything specific for the event, then it'll need to be discussed with the directors beforehand. This could include:

  • Projector and screen
  • Audio equipment - Microphones, Speakers, etc.
  • Streaming capabilities - Webcam and PC for Teams/Zoom/Jisti
  • Specific seating and table requirements.

On The Day

On the day of the event, arrive at least an hour before to allow yourself time to setup anything needed in the social space. A keyholder will meet you to open up the space, and depending on the time and schedule may be able to stay with you until your event is over.

The opening and closing the social space is the responsibility of the key holder, but the event organiser is responsible for returning the social space back to the condition it was in before the event.

After the event has finished, please notify the keyholder. How will vary person to person and needs to be discussed with the keyholder.