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Vinyl Cutters

We have 1 vinyl cutter availble for all members to use.

The vinyl cutter is attached to CAD-1, and works with InkCut. Inkcut will cut your SVG designs.


  • Transfer your SVG file to CAD-1.
  • Turn on the vinyl cutter.
  • Open Inkcut, and load your SVG file.
  • Check the dimensions of your SVG file.
  • Load vinyl in to the vinyl cutter. If error is displayed, the lever is probably up.
  • Blade pressure is imporant. See the section on test cuts and pressure.
  • Send file to printer.

Test Cuts and Pressure:

  • The pressure should be pre-set for thin vinyl.
  • When first coming to the printer and printing with a new sheets, it's imporant to perform a test cut before cutting your own design.
  • Start with the lightest pressure, and add more pressure until you make a good cut. Add no more pressure.

Vinyl-1 - GCC Lynx S-30

  • Vinyl-1 is a GCC Lynx S-30 connected via a Parallel to USB printer cable.
  • Vinyl-1 is fitted with a smart knife which requires no adjustment. Please do not attempt to adjust the blade holder
  • Vinyl-1 has been tested with thin self-adhesive vinyl.
  • Vinyl-1 may need the pressure resetting. See the above section.