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Table Saw

Safety Precautions

  • Tie back loose clothing and long hair
  • Remove rings and gloves
  • Clean around the machine, ensuring nothing can hit the work or machine during operation
  • Wear the appropriate PPE for what you are working with:
    • Safe goggles / glasses
    • Facemask for Resin, MDF, and toxic materials
    • Apron
  • Check the wood/material for defects
  • Remove unneeded accessories
  • Ensure that the blade guard and riving knife is installed

Safe Use

Some video overviews on how to use a table saw safely and effectively:

Post Use

  • Clean the work area
  • Clean the saw top
  • Reset the blade heigh to just below the surface
  • Adjust blade angle back to 0 degrees
  • Fit blade guard and riving knife if removed


  • Clean the saw surface
  • Apply machine wax to the T slots as needed